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Search for a Map

If you have a Book and Page for a map, it is important to know what type of map it is before you enter the Book number:


Survey/Plat Map - These are the most common map types usually associated with a real estate deed. Type BM before the Book number. (e.g. Book number is 1996 = BM1996)

Condominium Map - Type CM before the Book number. (e.g. Book number is 2012 = CM2012)

Highway Map - Type HM before the Book number. (e.g. Book number is 2004 = HM2004)


Click the Search button at the bottom of the page.




If you do not have the Book and Page of the map you are searching for, you can use the Doc Type drop-down field and select:

MAP for Survey/Plat Maps

CONDO for Condominium Maps

HIGHWAY MAP for Highway Maps


Usually, the Book number is the year the map was recorded. You can use the Recorded on or after/before fields to narrow your search to a specific year.