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While a lot of time and effort has been spent to make using of the Consolidated Real Property Index (CRPI) as easy as possible, we realize there are some aspects that may be confusing or hard to perform.


Please review our troubleshooting section to help with some common issues:


Frequently Asked Questions - The issues experienced most by CRPI users.

Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker - In order to view documents, you must have your pop-up blocker disabled.

Clear Your Cache - Most issues with viewing documents can be resolved by clearing your internet browser cache:

o Document does not display or displays incorrectly

o Document image loads slowly

o Document prints distorted

o Previous search results appear in a new search

Adjust Print Settings - some documents do not print correctly in a default setting. Use these adjustments to print a document as desired:

o Document is cut off on top, bottom, or sides

o Document needs to be printed in landscape

Other Issues

o I can't open multiple search windows

o I keep getting a "Session Expired" message