Enhancement Controls

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Enhancement Controls

The Consolidated Real Property Index (CRPI) document viewer allows users to enhance the document image for easier viewing.


NOTE: These controls will not permanently affect the document image. Changes made by users will not be applied to printing or saving of the document.


The Page Edit Controls are:


viewer_rotate_ccw Rotate Image Counter-Clockwise - allows users to rotate the current document image 90 degrees counter-clockwise

viewer_rotate_cw Rotate Image Clockwise - allows users to rotate the current document image 90 degrees clockwise

viewer_cleanup Image Cleanup - allows user to cleanup the document image (despeckle, deskew, etc.)

viewer_invert Invert Image - allows user to invert the black and white colors. This is mainly used for maps that have been scanned with the colors inverted originally.

viewer_remove_border Remove Border - allows user to remove the border around the image

viewer_remove_horz_lines Remove Horizontal Lines - allows user to remove all horizontal lines on the document image

viewer_darken Darken Image - allows users to darken the text on the image

viewer_lighten Lighten Image - allows users to lighten the text on the image