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About the CRPI

Wake County legal documents recorded since 1785 and historical maps dating to 1885 can be retrieved online from the Register of Deeds Consolidated Real Property Index.

Wake County became the first North Carolina registry to offer online access to legal documents. Beginning in June 1999, digital images of records back to 1974 were placed on the County’s website.

The second phase of the project began in 2002 with the conversion of documents going back to 1900 and maps since 1885. This phase was completed in April 2007.  In 2008, the office began scanning and indexing all land records from 1889 to the first recorded instrument on July 7, 1785.  To complete this phase of the project, records were acquired from the state Division of Archives and History.

Wake has exceeded other N.C. counties by placing all digital images of records into one comprehensive online database searchable by a single index.

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